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Boosting Online Presence and Occupancy Rates for Ortenia Luxury Eco Apartments

Ortenia is a collection of luxurious eco-friendly apartments located in Podčetrtek, Slovenia. Surrounded by pristine natural beauty, Ortenia offers a unique experience that combines modern luxury with sustainable living. The apartments are built using natural materials and feature energy-efficient systems to reduce their environmental impact.

With a focus on providing personalised service and attention to detail, Ortenia is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating escape while supporting a business committed to sustainability.



Our services

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social media managment
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content creation

Our Results

With thoughtful and consistent activities, we achieved impressive results that became visible after two months of collaboration. As a result, we can proudly report:


Higher monthly guest numbers


Occupancy during the summer months


New followers on Instagram


Users reached through advertising

Strategy and Activities

Our main tasks included positioning and presenting the Ortenia brand in the digital market, building a digital community, advertising, and increasing the number of guests through these activities. For Ortenia, we designed a digital strategy for their presence on social networks, prepared creative content for posts, and transformed their Instagram account.

At the same time, we organized promotional photo shoots and connected Ortenia with relevant influencers who presented their story to a broader audience.

Advertising, Advertising, and More Advertising 

Of course, achieving the desired results would not have been possible without advertising. Therefore, we focused mainly on social networks and conducted several advertising campaigns. For each campaign, we defined target groups and, following their characteristics prepared various creatives that addressed users from multiple perspectives.

With a comprehensive approach, well-thought-out strategy, and advertising optimization, we ensured the maximum promotional and sales effect based on the invested resources.

Ready to amplify your digital presence and skyrocket occupancy rates for your hotel or resort? Reach out to us now for a complimentary consultation, and experience the exceptional outcomes our proficient team at SIGHTALE can deliver!

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